Starting a fresh blog with Hugo

A fresh start

Its been a few years now since I stopped blogging on that was running on Wordpress with all its glory. I lost the motivation to continue documenting my musings and publishing it. I have decided to start again and plan to be more consistent this time.

Why Hugo ?

The earlier version of this blog used to run on Wordpress stack which is kind of an overkill for my needs, requires regular maintenance (running updates, patching with security updates, etc. and not to mention keeping up with all the plugin updates in case you are using them). With this fresh start, I was looking for a more lightweight solution, without any of the aforementioned hassles.

At this point of time, I don’t have much to comment on the pros and cons of using Hugo vs Wordpress (my personal experience), but will definitely come back and share my updates once I am used to the Hugo’s way to blogging.