Dataportal for Teams

Dataportal App Image

What is Dataportal ?

A blazing fast search enabled content and artifact repository. The original target users were software development teams, the application can however be used by any team that needs storing contents and a way to access them fast. Users can store rich-text content, code snippets and different attachments without limitations. The application features full-text-search capability with search ranking (meaning more frequently accessed contents are ranked higher in the subsequent searches). It utilizes Go’s builtin http server pacakage and hence is standalone and cross-platform.

What’s the stack used ?

Frontend is built in VueJS and backend is implemented in Go language. Frontend utilizes the single-page app design with multiple views, user access control and isolation by team.

Specifically below frameworks and libraries have been used:

  • VueJs with Vuex and Vue-router
  • Axios for handling ajax calls
  • Go programming language
  • BleveSearch for indexing and full-text-search
  • Databases supported: Postgres SQL, SQLite3, MS Sql